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Notes on Stephen Anderson’s Virtual Seminar: Leveraging Seductive Interaction Design

I’d already listened to Stephen’s talk on the use of his Mental Notes cards at my visit to the Web App Master’s Tour Philadelphia, but I still enjoyed his Virtual Seminar yesterday on Leveraging Seductive Interaction Design. He got more into detail with the procedure and the concepts implied. Stephen spoke about the use of […]

My Notes on Jonathan Boutelle’s Warm Gun Presentation

Next in line for my summaries of Warm Gun Design conference presentations is Jonathan Boutelle’s. Jonathan is from SlideShare, and his presentation (very technical and interesting, by the way) was called Designing for Performance. Here are my notes: Page loading – Why bother? Searches/users decrease 0.44% – User engagement fails with a slow website Drops […]

My Notes on Luke Wroblewski’s Warm Gun Presentation

Again, continuing with my report on the presentations during the Warm Gun Design conference, here are my notes on Luke Wroblewski‘s presentation titled Sign Up Forms Must Die! (loved the title, by the way): First time experiences shouldn’t be about feeling interrogated, and there should be no ghost towns after sign-ups (blank pages with nothing […]

My Notes on Darrell Benatar’s Warm Gun Design Presentation

I was catching up last night with the videos of the presentations that were given at the Warm Gun Design congress. They were very interesting. The first one I watched was Darrell Benatar’s, from UserTesting.com. It was very interesting the way the figured how to convince companies to start doing usability testing by reducing the […]

My Notes on Jared M. Spool’s Warm Gun Presentation

Yesterday, we had the oportunity of watching the Warm Gun Design presentations. I was only able to watch Jared’s because I was at work and his was during my lunch time. There were a lot of great speakers, though. You can check out more information in case you missed out on it. Anyways, I’ll share […]

Language on the web: What international websites have to consider

I have read a lot of articles and even attended conferences on how to write for the web, like last weeks webinar on Writing Vibrant, Compelling Copy by Ginny Redish. All of them are great, I have learned a lot and I would summarize their highlights in the following checklist: Don’t disregard grammar Speak like […]

My Notes on Writing Vibrant, Compelling Copy by Ginny Redish

Today I had the good fortune of assisting the webinar provided by UIE with Ginny Redish about writing correctly for the web. I attended with my colleagues from work, and I found it more than useful, so I decided to share my notes with you. The main point covered by Ginny was the fact that, […]

Web Design Tips: 15 Considerations For Your Upcoming Projects

It helps if one has a checklist of good practices to apply when starting a web design project, which is why I considered gathering a list of the considerations I have when I do so. It probably won’t be the whole list, but we can always pick up on a later post. This is a […]

The Rainbow of Web Design: Choosing Colors

Most of us are familiar with color theory and the color wheel. There are a lot of aspects to be taken into consideration when we are going to apply this to our website color selection, depending on the message we want to support. For example, we won’t be successful if we build a naturist website […]

Somewhere Out Of The Web: Writing Skills

You may be wondering about my title selection. I placed Writing outside the web because we don’t just have to learn to write for the web. It’s very important that, no matter what our field is, we learn how to write properly. Writing has always been a great passion for me. I used to be […]