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UX Job Recruiting: What’s it about?

I just recently got myself involved with the whole recruiting process of my company and I must say it’s been a really interesting experience. Not something I’m very fond of doing, but something very interesting indeed. Even if I’m not really into the whole Human Resources area, there is a lot of value in how […]

When we ‘asume the user knows’

I’ll confess I’m an Amazon virgin. Why? Now, don’t look at me like that. I know it’s weird, but I just enjoy bookstores too much. Nevertheless, when a book’s not there, it’s not there, and I decided I’d give Amazon a try. Since I was a first-timer, after deciding to start the check out process, […]

The Pros and Cons of Responsive Web Design

As you probably read on the last post, I just recently finished reading Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte. And, in risk of repeating myself too much, I think it’s one of the best web design related books I’ve read so far. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read Ethan’s […]

Working ads into your mobile design

Yes, everyone hates ads on their apps. We hate ads everywhere. But when it comes down to sponsorship interests, we as designers have to live with these ads whether we like it or not. So what to do, then? First things first: Consider regulations and standards. The standard sizes for web ads are very popular, […]

From Writing to Writing for the Web

Writing, as it is, requires a very specific set of skills from the person involved in said activity. This set of skills, though, needs to be adjusted if said skills are to be applied to the creation of online content. The main reasons for the need of such transition are due to the following: Reader’s […]

Stop the Negatives! Writing with a Positive Attitude

In this case, speaking about writing, it not only involves web copy, but project documentation and user manuals (for web tools and internal company applications) too. Let’s get things clear first. Saying negatives mean speaking about what your product “can’t do or doesn’t cover”. Let’s face it, this is never a good way to sell […]

To Wireframe or Not To Wireframe

Let’s start this year’s articles with a subject I am very fond of: Wireframing I personally have always found the wireframing process to be so useful for the project development that I virtually can’t live without it. But is it just me and my working habits? Lately I’ve been reading a lot of very good […]

Notes on Stephen Anderson’s Virtual Seminar: Leveraging Seductive Interaction Design

I’d already listened to Stephen’s talk on the use of his Mental Notes cards at my visit to the Web App Master’s Tour Philadelphia, but I still enjoyed his Virtual Seminar yesterday on Leveraging Seductive Interaction Design. He got more into detail with the procedure and the concepts implied. Stephen spoke about the use of […]

The Seven Sins of User Experience Design

As UX professionals, there are certain mistakes that we absolutely can NOT allow ourselves to commit. We may be able to mention many of them, but for practical purposes (and easy association purposes, of course) I divided them into seven already well-known categories. Are you guilty of any of these? Lust “We have to use […]

Language on the web: What international websites have to consider

I have read a lot of articles and even attended conferences on how to write for the web, like last weeks webinar on Writing Vibrant, Compelling Copy by Ginny Redish. All of them are great, I have learned a lot and I would summarize their highlights in the following checklist: Don’t disregard grammar Speak like […]