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GUI for Wireframing BlackBerry Apps on Photoshop

I always work with Adobe Photoshop to create high quality wireframes. You know, after I’m done with selecting the final versions amongst my mock-ups. And I hadn’t had the need to wireframe for BlackBerry specifically, I had been working on mobile web applications. I had to work on native application wireframes before, yes, but they […]

Notes on Stephen Anderson’s Virtual Seminar: Leveraging Seductive Interaction Design

I’d already listened to Stephen’s talk on the use of his Mental Notes cards at my visit to the Web App Master’s Tour Philadelphia, but I still enjoyed his Virtual Seminar yesterday on Leveraging Seductive Interaction Design. He got more into detail with the procedure and the concepts implied. Stephen spoke about the use of […]

The Seven Sins of User Experience Design

As UX professionals, there are certain mistakes that we absolutely can NOT allow ourselves to commit. We may be able to mention many of them, but for practical purposes (and easy association purposes, of course) I divided them into seven already well-known categories. Are you guilty of any of these? Lust “We have to use […]

The Rainbow of Web Design: Choosing Colors

Most of us are familiar with color theory and the color wheel. There are a lot of aspects to be taken into consideration when we are going to apply this to our website color selection, depending on the message we want to support. For example, we won’t be successful if we build a naturist website […]

It’s All About Simplicity

In the end, the user will always work better with something that is as simple as possible. So that’s what we, as UI designers, need to achieve: Simplicity. But what happens when the need for flexibility gets in the way of that? We can look for ways to make all of our elements group in […]

Minimalistic Web Design

I decided I had started off with the wrong foot in what came to my blog layout, so I took the liberty to totally change the colors… you know, because I had a ton on the last version. I’m going a little more… minimalistic. And now that we’re on the subject of minimalistic web design, […]

On the Subject of User Engagement

I’d like to begin this post with a personal anecdote. It happened during the second day of the Web App Masters Tour at Philadelphia. During lunchtime, you could sign up to a table where a conversation topic was assigned. The subject of user engagement caught my attention mainly because I wasn’t sure what it involved […]