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25 Project Management and Online Collaboration Tools

I hate forgetting work-related stuff. I always carry around a notebook, but that means that I am the only one who knows what I’m doing, and that’s not very business-driven, right? So I was browsing around some bookmarks and google reader feeds and I found tons and tons of online collaboration and project management tools, […]

Web Design Tips: 15 Considerations For Your Upcoming Projects

It helps if one has a checklist of good practices to apply when starting a web design project, which is why I considered gathering a list of the considerations I have when I do so. It probably won’t be the whole list, but we can always pick up on a later post. This is a […]

Usability Guidelines: Useful Listings for You

I was reading a book I took from my boss’s shelf over at the office (he lends them to us) and I thought it was a good idea to share a bit about it. Since it is on usability guidelines, there’s a lot more to share than just that. Of course we all should know […]