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How to Design a Website Online

Nowadays, with the existing variety of online applications, many of our daily tasks can be handled without the need of a pre-installed software on the computer. But can an entire web design process be carried out without desktop applications? It is not always easy to get access to the necessary or preferred software packages, so […]

GUI for Wireframing BlackBerry Apps on Photoshop

I always work with Adobe Photoshop to create high quality wireframes. You know, after I’m done with selecting the final versions amongst my mock-ups. And I hadn’t had the need to wireframe for BlackBerry specifically, I had been working on mobile web applications. I had to work on native application wireframes before, yes, but they […]

Wireframing in Microsoft PowerPoint using PowerMockup

Hello everyone. Once again, there’s some interesting information that I must share with the web design community. I was in touch with the people of Wulfsoft and found out a very interesting software they have been working on. They were kind enough to let me try it out and I have to say I was […]

Wireframing Tool Review: Tiggr

Just recently I was asked to review a new online wireframing tool called Tiggr. I spent a few hours browsing through its features and I can honestly say it is one of the most flexible online tools I’ve encountered so far. Let me show you some of my discoveries, starting with the presentation of the […]

What You’ll Need for Working on Mobile Web Apps

Right now, my responsabilities inside my company have been a real roller coaster, but I’ve enjoyed the degree of knowledge this has given me over the past couple of weeks. Up to now, I can pretty much mention all the tools you’ll need to get your own mobile web app project going, what these tools […]

Drawing Tool Review: Painter SAI

I was browsing through my deviantArt follows and encountered a very good piece of artwork by a dear friend of mine, entirely black and white. I told him it made me envious to see how clean and neat his outlines came out, since I’m always so impatient with the Pen Tool in Photoshop and even […]

Designer’s Feeds: Blogs You Should Follow

I don’t know how I manage to read all of my feeds (or at least scan through them once they get there), but I have to say it is very much worth it. I receive tons of very useful stuff, be it as inspiration, or as related articles for my posts, templates and other resources […]

Reviewing Wireframing Tools: Your Free Online Options

So turns out I don’t have enough time to listen to the Enlightened Business Summit presentations, but I do recommend you to listen into it if you have the chance. Tomorrow’s schedule looks specially promising. And since I’m setting the conference cycle aside, I wanted to move on to the next topic I have in […]

Getting Started on HTML5, and A Library for the Canvas Element

Many of us are still wondering about this HTML5 stuff, and many of us (yeah, like me) just read about it but really didn’t know what it was about. Yeah, I’m one of those guys. What is HTML5 anyways? It’s a cooler version of HTML/XHTML, giving you the option of using a greater variety of […]

Between Icons and Vectors: Covering your Needs for Both

Being on a web development project, one always finds himself in need of an icon for a specific metaphor representation, or a vector illustration. To get that out of the way, I have a couple of suggested tools that might help you in future projects. Iconfinder The Iconfinder, as its name estipulates, helps you find […]