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Working ads into your mobile design

Yes, everyone hates ads on their apps. We hate ads everywhere. But when it comes down to sponsorship interests, we as designers have to live with these ads whether we like it or not. So what to do, then? First things first: Consider regulations and standards. The standard sizes for web ads are very popular, […]

Twitter Value: Keeping and Gaining Followers

Being interested in gaining and keeping Twitter followers myself, I’ve been gathering data based on personal experience and what people have to tell me about the subject. There are also a lot of very good articles and tools on the subject that I will be sharing with you today. Basically, Twitter is now a very […]

Social Networks for your Business: The Strategy Needed Behind Them

Nowadays, everybody wants to integrate social networks to their business strategy. And it is only logical, since almost every internet user is involved in social networks. You can read a little more on the specific statistical data in other articles such as this one and this other one. But I won’t get too much into […]

The Importance of Marketing and Advertising

I’ve always been mesmerized by the final product of a complete marketing campaign, basically because of the way a good ad can appeal to your feelings. Which is, after all, the main goal of the creators: appeal to your feelings and make you want what they sell, to the degree that you start feeling a […]