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A Couple of Books You Should Read

Really, just because you haven’t heard of me, it doesn’t mean I’m floating around in some river. I swear. So don’t worry too much (though I appreciate it if you do). I’ve been up to my neck with stuff to do… and in need of some free time. But I’ve missed my blog for way […]

Book Review: Simple and Usable by Giles Colborne

What a great book! Simple and Usable by Giles Colborne is easy on the eyes, brief, straight-forward, and highly informative and relevant to your professional life. I can’t recommend it anymore than that, so I’ll get to the review. Giles Colborne explains not only why simplicity matters throughout his book, but also how it’s done […]

Fluid Web Typography by Jason Cranford

I have to admit I wasn’t the one to go if you wanted to take a decision that involved web typography, since I would just have told you to use Verdana. But I read a great book that I just have to talk about The book is Fluid Web Typography: A Guide by Jason Cranford […]