Pokedex App Concept for Android

This was originally an idea my boyfriend talked to me about. He really wanted to build an app like this but he’s not good (and doesn’t care) with design. I thought it was a very fun idea, so I had to give it a try.


The idea was to build a Pokedex-style application that randomly generated a Pokemon name and associated it with the person you photographed.


So we have the basic controls for the camera to take care of the first task: Getting the picture of your “Pokemon” (the fact that I’m using a picture of Olivia Wilde doesn’t mean anything ill willed, ok? I like her :D)


Then after you got your picture, you would be able to see basic facts about the Pokemon you photographed and “capture” it as part of your collection, adding a name and saving the photo with its associated profile in a gallery.


Quick and simple, flat design, adn a little bit of fun :)


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