Hackerspaces Native iPhone App


This is also a project for Hackerspace Monterrey, but it is not a project focused uniquely on them. Their idea was to create an application to get up-to-date information from any hackerspace around the world using the hackerspaces.org API to share that information, such as:

  • Whether the space is open or closed
  • Checking in and out of each member
  • Relevant upcoming events
  • Location, catch phrase, logo, website and other contact information
  • Social networks and other relevant links directory
  • Alert configuration on relevant events (for one or more hackerspaces)


Since this app was going to be used by any hackerspace around the world and each one of them has their own identity, logo and colors, the request was to make it as plain as possible (black, white and gray). Hard enough for someone who loves color, but doable.


Everything about it is focused on practicality and on handling the information in the simplest way possible. They following chart shows a bit of the interaction and navigation design between screens.


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