The following is a list of all of the design projects I’ve worked on that I can share publicly (mostly personal projects). For more about my work, feel free to reach out to me.

The version of my website features a many-colored scheme just like last one, but following the flat UI standard hues. Each section has its own defining color.
Malena Crafts is a website designed with the purpose of selling hand-made goods. They are all cute, decorative or home products (clay dolls, hand-sewn blouses and sweaters, table ornaments, among others) so the colors are also focused on that.
I wanted to make a weather app, and had always liked apps that give you just the amount of data you need. I always just check them to see if it’s going to be too hot or too cold. Or if there’s a need to carry an umbrella with me.
The idea was to build a Pokedex-style application that randomly generated a Pokemon name and associated it with the person you photographed.
Another project for Hackerspace Monterrey, but not focused just on them. Their idea was to create an app to get up-to-date information from any hackerspace around the world using the API to share it
This project was sort of abandoned by Hackerspace Monterrey (kept their old version) but I’m still very fond of it. It’s all about taking advantage of the whitespacing.
Various advertising campaign images for Hackerspace Monterrey
This was the first version of my personal site on my own domain, still active until just recently. I liked the varied color palette, which is why I kept that aspect of the design in the renewed version.
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