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GUI for Wireframing BlackBerry Apps on Photoshop

I always work with Adobe Photoshop to create high quality wireframes. You know, after I’m done with selecting the final versions amongst my mock-ups. And I hadn’t had the need to wireframe for BlackBerry specifically, I had been working on mobile web applications. I had to work on native application wireframes before, yes, but they […]

PHP Tutorials That Will Have You Programming Right Away

Now that I have been teaching HTML and CSS for the new students of the Computer Technologies mayor at the university, I have been asked one or two times if we’re going to cover basic PHP programming. Sadly, the time I have for that course is limited. Nevertheless, I gathered a list of effective PHP […]

Useful Websites and Resources for Learning Drupal

Due to time schedules and related circumstances, I haven’t had the time to properly learn Drupal, and have been learning on the go. I would suggest, though having the time to do so, you used the opportunity to do so if you’re planning on working in the web development field. As a web designer it […]

Illustrating a Powerful Character in Photoshop

Character illustration has been a great passion for me since I was very little, but I’m not really a pro at it. That’s why I enhance my drawings using Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial will be a step by step of my common procedure, hoping it’ll help you persue the same hobby sometime. Step 1 Let’s […]

Designer’s Feeds: Blogs You Should Follow

I don’t know how I manage to read all of my feeds (or at least scan through them once they get there), but I have to say it is very much worth it. I receive tons of very useful stuff, be it as inspiration, or as related articles for my posts, templates and other resources […]

Online Solutions for Graphs and Charts

This post is actually motivated by my current development project. The solution I’m working on is FusionCharts, which is not a free solution, but it is still a very good one to work with. I’ve had my issues with it, but I still appreciate it for having such an enormous variety of graphs and charts, […]

Reviewing Wireframing Tools: Your Free Online Options

So turns out I don’t have enough time to listen to the Enlightened Business Summit presentations, but I do recommend you to listen into it if you have the chance. Tomorrow’s schedule looks specially promising. And since I’m setting the conference cycle aside, I wanted to move on to the next topic I have in […]

Getting Started on HTML5, and A Library for the Canvas Element

Many of us are still wondering about this HTML5 stuff, and many of us (yeah, like me) just read about it but really didn’t know what it was about. Yeah, I’m one of those guys. What is HTML5 anyways? It’s a cooler version of HTML/XHTML, giving you the option of using a greater variety of […]

Learning JQuery with Rebecca Murphey’s JQuery Fundamentals

Another development-related post, breaking out of the rutine for a while. I have to say I was impressed, this is the greates source of JQuery learning I’ve come across. It’s an entire programming manual completely free and with exercises and everything. I’m telling you, if you want to learn how to use JQuery, today’s most […]

Between Icons and Vectors: Covering your Needs for Both

Being on a web development project, one always finds himself in need of an icon for a specific metaphor representation, or a vector illustration. To get that out of the way, I have a couple of suggested tools that might help you in future projects. Iconfinder The Iconfinder, as its name estipulates, helps you find […]