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My Notes on Julie Zhuo’s presentation – Data-Informed Vs Data-Driven Design

Facebook has to be one of the most interesting applied examples that can be presented because of the hug number of users it currently has. I had the opportunity of listening to Mark Trammell talk about Twitter on last year’s Web App Masters Tour at Philadelphia, and now I was able to listen to Julie […]

My Notes on Noah Iliinsky’s presentation – The Steps to Beautiful Visualizations

It surprised me that there was a talk such as Noah’s embedded in the program since it takes considerations back to a conceptual phase purely, and I personally really liked it. He basically went into detail with the premise “What’s obvious isn’t always that obvious bu it should be” and “People tend to complicate things […]

My Notes on Josh Clark’s presentation – Mobile Apps: Native or Web Based?

It was a very interesting lunch, meeting new people and talking personally with Luke Wroblewski, who I’ve admired a great deal since I met him last year in Philadelphia. And now it was the turn of Josh Clark. I gotta say I enjoyed his presentation in quite a special way because of his way of […]

My Notes on Bill Scott’s Designing for Mice & Men

As follow up to my Web App Masters Tour report, this last talk with Bill Scott from Netflix was focused on cross-platform experiences. Very interesting perspectives. My notes on it: Many companies think one size fits all, but the reality is we need to design for many different devices. Not just web, but mobile and […]

My Notes on Jared Spool’s presentation – Mobile & UX: In the eye of the perfect storm

Hello everyone! It’s the first day of this year’s Web App Masters Tour, Seattle stop, and I’m right here listening to what the experienced Masters have to say about what it takes to design a good experience today, highly focusing on mobile topics (which is why I’m here). I’ll be documenting the key points of […]

GUI for Wireframing BlackBerry Apps on Photoshop

I always work with Adobe Photoshop to create high quality wireframes. You know, after I’m done with selecting the final versions amongst my mock-ups. And I hadn’t had the need to wireframe for BlackBerry specifically, I had been working on mobile web applications. I had to work on native application wireframes before, yes, but they […]

Wireframing in Microsoft PowerPoint using PowerMockup

Hello everyone. Once again, there’s some interesting information that I must share with the web design community. I was in touch with the people of Wulfsoft and found out a very interesting software they have been working on. They were kind enough to let me try it out and I have to say I was […]

Wireframing Tool Review: Tiggr

Just recently I was asked to review a new online wireframing tool called Tiggr. I spent a few hours browsing through its features and I can honestly say it is one of the most flexible online tools I’ve encountered so far. Let me show you some of my discoveries, starting with the presentation of the […]

What You’ll Need for Working on Mobile Web Apps

Right now, my responsabilities inside my company have been a real roller coaster, but I’ve enjoyed the degree of knowledge this has given me over the past couple of weeks. Up to now, I can pretty much mention all the tools you’ll need to get your own mobile web app project going, what these tools […]

From Writing to Writing for the Web

Writing, as it is, requires a very specific set of skills from the person involved in said activity. This set of skills, though, needs to be adjusted if said skills are to be applied to the creation of online content. The main reasons for the need of such transition are due to the following: Reader’s […]