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The Seven Sins of User Experience Design

As UX professionals, there are certain mistakes that we absolutely can NOT allow ourselves to commit. We may be able to mention many of them, but for practical purposes (and easy association purposes, of course) I divided them into seven already well-known categories. Are you guilty of any of these? Lust “We have to use […]

Language on the web: What international websites have to consider

I have read a lot of articles and even attended conferences on how to write for the web, like last weeks webinar on Writing Vibrant, Compelling Copy by Ginny Redish. All of them are great, I have learned a lot and I would summarize their highlights in the following checklist: Don’t disregard grammar Speak like […]

Social Networks for your Business: The Strategy Needed Behind Them

Nowadays, everybody wants to integrate social networks to their business strategy. And it is only logical, since almost every internet user is involved in social networks. You can read a little more on the specific statistical data in other articles such as this one and this other one. But I won’t get too much into […]

The Importance of Marketing and Advertising

I’ve always been mesmerized by the final product of a complete marketing campaign, basically because of the way a good ad can appeal to your feelings. Which is, after all, the main goal of the creators: appeal to your feelings and make you want what they sell, to the degree that you start feeling a […]

When mobile happens

With the growth of today’s mobile device users that browse the internet, it becomes more and more necessary to think about them when we are developing our websites. We can not be so negligent as to say “No, my site won’t be visited from a mobile”. Let’s think, for example, about the website of a […]

Avoiding Disaster: Project Planning

It’s been wild here because of the 200th Anniversary of our Independence! That’s why there was no happy post yesterday. For all you mexican fellows out there, congratulations! We’ve been cool for 200 years! Or so it seems. Anyways, back to today’s post. I’ve been wanting to talk about project planning for a while, and […]

The Rainbow of Web Design: Choosing Colors

Most of us are familiar with color theory and the color wheel. There are a lot of aspects to be taken into consideration when we are going to apply this to our website color selection, depending on the message we want to support. For example, we won’t be successful if we build a naturist website […]