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UX Job Recruiting: What’s it about?

I just recently got myself involved with the whole recruiting process of my company and I must say it’s been a really interesting experience. Not something I’m very fond of doing, but something very interesting indeed. Even if I’m not really into the whole Human Resources area, there is a lot of value in how […]

When we ‘asume the user knows’

I’ll confess I’m an Amazon virgin. Why? Now, don’t look at me like that. I know it’s weird, but I just enjoy bookstores too much. Nevertheless, when a book’s not there, it’s not there, and I decided I’d give Amazon a try. Since I was a first-timer, after deciding to start the check out process, […]

Working ads into your mobile design

Yes, everyone hates ads on their apps. We hate ads everywhere. But when it comes down to sponsorship interests, we as designers have to live with these ads whether we like it or not. So what to do, then? First things first: Consider regulations and standards. The standard sizes for web ads are very popular, […]

What You’ll Need for Working on Mobile Web Apps

Right now, my responsabilities inside my company have been a real roller coaster, but I’ve enjoyed the degree of knowledge this has given me over the past couple of weeks. Up to now, I can pretty much mention all the tools you’ll need to get your own mobile web app project going, what these tools […]

Giving Programming Lessons: What You Should Expect from the Students

I got to say that, being recently enrolled in this matter, I have encountered many surprises, both good and bad. I must clarify, though, that most of them have been very good experiences. I’ve given short and intensive workshops before, but since they have all been two-day experiences with people that are already in a […]

The Many Faces of a Navigation Diagram

Aside from whatever method is used to reach an understanding about a site’s navigation, there are many ways to present the final result. I’ll review the ones I’ve been able to work with in the past. Horizontal site map A simple site map is a regular hierarchical representation of a website’s navigation with no symbols […]

From Writing to Writing for the Web

Writing, as it is, requires a very specific set of skills from the person involved in said activity. This set of skills, though, needs to be adjusted if said skills are to be applied to the creation of online content. The main reasons for the need of such transition are due to the following: Reader’s […]

Stress? Lack of Ideas? Idleness? DRAW!

I think, being on our field (whether you’re a full time designer, or a web designer, or a web developer with design consciousness), we are always at risk of losing it due to the increased stress our deadlines induce on us. I can speak for myself when I say that, and sometimes I just want […]

For the Record: Why Documentation Matters

I would start, instead, by asking: Why wouldn’t it? The whole concept of having a document to support your working process through any kind of project is so useful it’s a must. And the best way to prove that is by focusing on the downsides of NOT having a proper document When we don’t produce […]

About the Corporate Use of Twitter

Many of us Twitter addicts will agree that using Twitter is lots of fun. You can share spontaneous pictures, interesting links, videos, random thoughts… all very quickly and by various different means (e.g. mobile apps, desktop apps, the official website, other Twitter use websites, among others). It is all so dreamlike, right? Except, not always. […]