This last quarter of the year I’ve been heavily focusing on learning a lot of new things. This whole year, actually, but this last quarter mainly stuff related to coding (since I focused a big part of the year on my art).

In the spirit of learning new things, I’ve redesigned my website once more. As you can probably see, as of now, the visual design wasn’t my priority (kept it pretty standard). I focused more on the fact that I took it as an opportunity to learn Jekyll (static site generator).

It was an interesting experience. I only learned of the existence of Jekyll recently and it spiked my curiosity.

A lot of the things I needed were Jekyll out of the box installation, but it took a while to get used to the way it works. It basically allows you to maintain a site through MarkDown and YAML files. It’s pretty practical for small, content-based sites such as this one.

I have the personal project of learning React, but I don’t know, I tend to get side tracked as I hear about new technologies and my priorities get lost. I’ll probably get into writing more about each thing I learn just to keep this blog busy.

What do you think? Let me know.