Learning new front-end technologies has become more of a hobby for me than work, since I have very strict standards at the company I currently work for (for security and efficiency matters). Nevertheless, I’ve always thought it’s important to keep up with the new trends.

I hadn’t done anything on any modular front-end framework such as Angular or React, and I was told Vue was a good starting point in order to get acquainted with all of the concepts.

Vue logo

The project I worked on for this reason is one that I’d previously developed using just HTML, CSS and JQuery to use as base on one of the beginner’s web development workshops I lead for both Women Who Code Monterrey and my company’s trainings. It’s a simple book list (mobile first designed, I still have to tweak some of the desktop vue styling) that reads a JSON extracted from Goodreads’s API.

You can see the project in action here, or download it from my github account. if you have any questions, do let me know. I’m always open to conversation.