My Notes on Mike Lee’s presentation – Designing a Strategy for Organizational Transformations

Almost at the end of the event and it was Mike Lee‘s turn to illustrate us on the internal strategy of AARP towards going mobile. Overall very interesting data, although I didn’t really know how to write it down, and I’m sorry about that because he had a lot of interesting insights to share. I think my notes don’t do him justice.

Nevertheless, here they are:

  • Drive traffic in with SEO, media and other publications
  • Push content out through social sharing and cross platform presence.
  • Channel integration can get really messy, with a lot of patching along the way as the number of platforms increases.
  • People at AARP have a limited US audience, so that limited their adaptation needs.
  • Their current use of SMS is limited to tactical purposes.
  • Currently working with a small mobile team and an external vendor.
  • Didn’t wait on mobile because of how slow things tend to move anyway inside a huge organization.
  • Established an arrangement of teams in order to cover their users’ experiences and the needs generated by them.
  • They use web site components such as JSON calls for news feeds and members login.
  • The applied APIs include Twitter, Facebook and
  • A marketing strategy was to create a trivia challenge, which was promoted through mobile articles and increased traffic to the main site.
  • Created a digital member card for login members.
  • AARP has launched both Android and iPhone applications.
  • They’ve encountered barriers with senior users.
  • Thinking about the multiple devices available and their increase of use.