My Notes on Jared Spool’s presentation – The Essential Principles behind Great Design Principles

As a perfect end to this fabulous event, our host Jared Spool talked about the essentials behind the design principles we apply to our individual projects. I personally really liked it, I think it was a great way to wrap up.

Here are my notes on it:

  • We need to provide clear copy explaining any hardware problems that may have occurred to avoid the user further trouble.
  • Design principles established by Dieter Rams.
  • Innovation isn’t saying yes to a hundred things, it’s saying no to a thousand things – Steve Jobs.
  • Speaking about how IBM’s design principles fail to be actually useful as reference, and how Windows’s design principles have turned out to be quite effective.
    • The success is based on the focus of their principles – How do we tell if our designs are getting better.
  • Field research should involve everyone on the team, not at the same time. Everyone can learn how to do field research and teach how to do it.
  • First you should let the stakeholders present the top priority projects.
  • After this comes the creation of personas for the project.
  • Personas are fake because they combine characteristics of different real like users.
  • Scenarios are created after personas and their individual common goals.
  • Looking at personas and scenarios, principles can be summarized.
  • Using principles to explore design – Creation of mini briefs
    • Project statement – design goal
    • Select personas – who is the design directed to?
    • Select scenarios – what the design will have to do
    • Select principles – what will tell you you’re doing well
  • Using principles to critique design – critique is a two-way process:
    • What you’re trying to accomplish
    • How you’ve chosen to accomplish it

And that was it! Hope my notes were useful to everyone! And now I’m back to reality and back at the office on Thursday (because it’s going to take me all of tomorrow to get back home), but I’ll keep updating with the relevant news of mobile field as frequently as humanly possible.