GUI for Wireframing BlackBerry Apps on Photoshop

I always work with Adobe Photoshop to create high quality wireframes. You know, after I’m done with selecting the final versions amongst my mock-ups. And I hadn’t had the need to wireframe for BlackBerry specifically, I had been working on mobile web applications.

I had to work on native application wireframes before, yes, but they were for iPhone or Android and I had no trouble finding a PSD GUI that I could use for those purposes.

I didn’t find a BlackBerry GUI, though. There are many PSDs of the phone carcass, but I needed the interface elements.

So I made one.

And now I want to share it with everyone, since I’m normally using stuff other people share for my projects.

I hope you find useful for your future wireframing needs.

Screen Sizes

480 x 380 | 320 x 240

I must clearify beforehand that my work was limited to the interface elements. The phone illustration was made by someone else.

Any other GUIs you’ve had trouble finding?