Wireframing Tool Review: Tiggr

Just recently I was asked to review a new online wireframing tool called Tiggr. I spent a few hours browsing through its features and I can honestly say it is one of the most flexible online tools I’ve encountered so far.

Let me show you some of my discoveries, starting with the presentation of the main work area:

As you can appreciate with the image, we have a main menu on top, and auxiliary tool bars on the right and left areas. In the middle is our main workspace, with the defined grid to guide us while positioning everything. The workspace size varies according to the type of project you work on (whether it’s for the web or for a mobile app)

The left area controls are for the main work elements, which will vary depending on the type of project, too. One just has to click on them, drag them to the workspace and drop them in the desired location.

The right area holds customization properties like the image shows. The bottom panel varies depending on the selected element on screen.

On the bottom, in addition, we have the option to toggle a chat window to collaboratively work with projects online. Tiggr also supports multipage projects, so we can either add new screens to our project or toggle the screen thumbnail view.

To sum up, the main advantages of using Tiggr are:

  • It supports multipage projects
  • It supports both web wireframing and mobile wireframing
  • Interactive prototypes can be built with basic navigation between screens
  • It provides the main controls for building wireframes
  • It provides full customization for every element it has available
  • You can collaborate online with your other team members
  • You can save multiple projects online

Some of its disadvantages:

  • The number of controls available is somewhat limited
  • The way the customization options are presented is a little developer-oriented. It is, nonetheless, a ver clean way to show them.
  • You need to create an account before being able to use it.

Be sure to give it a try. You can share your personal experiences, too. What did you personally think about the user interface of Tiggr?