Stress? Lack of Ideas? Idleness? DRAW!

I think, being on our field (whether you’re a full time designer, or a web designer, or a web developer with design consciousness), we are always at risk of losing it due to the increased stress our deadlines induce on us. I can speak for myself when I say that, and sometimes I just want something to let my mind wander and escape from its daily pressures, even if it is just for a couple of hours.

What do I do? I draw.

You’re not stressed at the moment? When you find your work impeded by a creative block, drawing is also a very recommendable action. It lets the ideas flow more freely. It takes action on your mental inactivity.


I you’re suffering from creative block, you may be wondering why I am recommending that you draw, since you probably don’t know what to draw in the first place. Not to worry, random drawings are suggested very effectively by Michael Nobbs’s 75 Ways to Draw More.

You’re not suffering of a creative block either?

Then you should draw anyways! Get new ideas from it! Or just have some fun out of it. I know I always have fun drawing.

I can add up to Michael Nobbs’s ideas by suggesting my own exercises. You might find them a little biased on the subject of character illustration. I’m sorry, that’s just what I usually draw. I try to draw other stuff, though. Let me give it a try:

  1. Draw your outfit. I love drawing different outfits, but I don’t always have ideas. Why not my own?
  2. Draw your accesories. I usually skip my ring, or my earrings, or my necklace, but details are always a great source of inspiration.
  3. Draw something that happened to you. Drawing funny events is even better, but you can draw anything! You even can draw yourself feeding your dog. Which reminds me…
  4. Draw your pet. I normally suck don’t excel at drawing animals, but trying sure gets time out of my hands.
  5. Draw scenes from books. I love reading. I wish I could draw every paragraph of my favorite books. Even the Harry Potter series.
  6. Draw your favorite movies, your favorite actors.
  7. Draw your friends. Draw their outfits, too!
  8. Draw a character. Make it up yourself.
  9. Draw nature scenes. Draw the trees, the little birds, the grass, the sun, and everything else.
  10. Just draw!