Useful Websites and Resources for Learning Drupal

Due to time schedules and related circumstances, I haven’t had the time to properly learn Drupal, and have been learning on the go. I would suggest, though having the time to do so, you used the opportunity to do so if you’re planning on working in the web development field. As a web designer it could be pretty useful, too. At least the basics.

That’s why I’ve compiled a listing of Drupal Learning Websites for you to take advantage of during your Drupal learning initiative.

Build a Module

Drupal SN – Learn Drupal Section

Learn Drupal CMS

Drupal Dude

Drupal Videos and Slides

Drupal Dojo

Drupal Documentation

Learn By The Drop – Drupal Tutorials and Training


Mastering Drupal

Apart from that, I leave you with some rather amusing recommendations for Drupal learners, written by Heather James:

  1. Buy and then forget to read Pro Drupal Development
  2. Do a simple install and add views and cck
  3. Build a small website and start blogging
  4. Play with the setting, roles, permissions, users
  5. Break your new website, start over
  6. Read blogs about the top 40 modules, get inspired, install them all
  7. Break your new website, start over
  8. Take some Advil, think about reading Pro Drupal Development
  9. Fall asleep while watching online Drupal tutorials
  10. Try your new-found osmosis knowledge
  11. Break your ##@%$ website, start over
  12. Ponder the wisdom of your new career path
  13. Build a WordPress site for comfort and old times sake
  14. Take some more Advil, start meditating to reduce your blood pressure
  15. Build a free Drupal sites for some cash-poor non profits
  16. Get trial-by-fire experience
  17. Successfully launch your first site
  18. Fall in love with Drupal
  19. Be active in the Drupal Community
  20. Help new people get started