Notes on Stephen Anderson’s Virtual Seminar: Leveraging Seductive Interaction Design

I’d already listened to Stephen’s talk on the use of his Mental Notes cards at my visit to the Web App Master’s Tour Philadelphia, but I still enjoyed his Virtual Seminar yesterday on Leveraging Seductive Interaction Design. He got more into detail with the procedure and the concepts implied.

Stephen spoke about the use of psychology to attract users, involving them with your website in fun and creative ways. Applying behavioral concepts, you can seek for the desired reaction and motivate them to finish the tasks you offer.

Sadly, we mistook the time it was going to start so we didn’t get there in time and got half of it. Even though they may not be complete, I have the notes of what I heard to share with you:

  • Applying the concepts in the cards
  • Commitment & Consistency – Consider the establishment of “tasks” or “assignments” that create the illusion of real commitment on the user and motivate him to interact further.
  • Ownership Bias - We tend to give more value to something that is labelled to be ours.
  • Loss Aversion – People take very seriously the illusion of losing something that was already theirs. Stephen gives Foursquare as an example. In Foursquare, you are entitled as the ‘Mayor’ of a place when you check-in enough times. If somebody takes that title away once it has been given, your motivation is triggered.
  • Set Completion – This time, LinkedIn is set as an example. The completion bar set by the LinkedIn profile incentivates users to hit 100% of completion by doing the tasks requested of them.
  • Sequencing – Also from the LinkedIn example, a user’s profile only requests one task at a time, offering an easy sequential way of completing his or her profile information.
  • As a conclusion, he speaks of how we should be establishing our bussiness goals and converting them into behavioral goals to know what we need to accomplish with our users. The psychology needed to do this is set in motion with the help of the Mental Notes concepts, and the process implies a brainstorming session to put the whole thing together.

You can see the diagram concerning the last point and the rest of the slides related to the presentation via Stephen Anderson’s slideshare account. Here’s yesterday’s presentation for you:

The Subtle Art of Seduction

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