Online Solutions for Graphs and Charts

This post is actually motivated by my current development project. The solution I’m working on is FusionCharts, which is not a free solution, but it is still a very good one to work with.

I’ve had my issues with it, but I still appreciate it for having such an enormous variety of graphs and charts, as well as customizable characteristics. If you have a huge project that will need tons of graphs (like the one I’m working on, which is based on logistic analysis), you should definitely consider investing some money on a FusionCharts license.

I can also assure you they have great customer service. As personal experience, just a week ago I tweeted that FusionCharts were getting on my nerves. Later that day, I got a reply from FusionCharts asking why and how they could help me with my problem. I really liked that they showed that kind of concern in what I, at the moment, considered a very irrelevant comment.

If you need more information, you should check out the documentation and browse through the types of charts and their customizable options.

And what if I can’t invest in FusionCharts?

There are many open solutions, of course, which you can use as alternatives. Up to now, I’ve personally tried just a couple of them.

OpenFlash Charts

I don’t think much of them visually (they’re not ugly, they’re just ok) but they serve their purpose well. I’ve tried them very lightly, but they are a good free alternative.

Google Charts

Even though they don’t have a great variety of chart types, they have great interaction options. You should check them out and consider their use in your future projects.

Not enough? I haven’t tried others, but I do know there are others. Here’s an interesting listing you can check.