Between Icons and Vectors: Covering your Needs for Both

Being on a web development project, one always finds himself in need of an icon for a specific metaphor representation, or a vector illustration. To get that out of the way, I have a couple of suggested tools that might help you in future projects.


The Iconfinder, as its name estipulates, helps you find any kind of icon you may be looking for. It even lets you filter the kind of licensing you want them to have. Very useful tool to bookmark.

Vector Magic

This one used to be free, but check it out, if you can use it you should consider it. It converts any bitmap you have into a vectorized PNG image. I’ve used it, and believe me, it has great results. They let you convert a couple of images as a free trial.


Great icon collection. Small, discrete, and a lot! If you have been looking for an icon, look no more. I’m certain their collection has your icon among them.


Great collection of vector images. Search for it, you’ll probably find it here.


Another compilation of vector images, in case you wanted more…


A compilation of icons for your developing needs.

Any other you can think of? I have a couple of very useful listings, too, that might catch your eye if you are in need for more.