User Experience on the Go: Apple

Today I was browsing through my Google reader entries and came over a very interesting fact: The new iPod Touch!!!

Yeah, I believe it’ll soon be time to sell mine and get the new one. I’m amazed at how Apple manages to keep improving their products. I don’t think they’re the best out there in what comes to quality considerations, but they have managed to adquire a very impressive rate of user fidelity and that’s something.

The constant renewing of their products has been a nice strategy so far. Everyone is waiting impatiently for the next version of all Apple products.

How do they manage this?

It’s the experience of use of their products, of course. People enjoy using these products, the operating system is intuitive and elegant. Not only is it easy to use, it is also visually satisfying. It’s also about what it represents, since nowadays it’s weird for someone not to have an Apple product. So you can call it a social thing, too.

And the iPod Touch isn’t the only one to get redesigned (with great new stuff I wanted it to have since the last version). The iPod Nano also has a new version which, like I believe someone twitted this morning, looks like it needs a cool bracelet and it can be a wrist watch. They incorporated the touch screen system pretty much like a miniature iPod Touch, which gives it a nice look. It makes me curious to get my hands on it.

But don’t forget about the iPod Shuffle. This new version looks a little more like the old one, and I totally support this reconsideration. I’ve heard a lot of negative reviews on the last one, which still portrays something positive about Apple: they pay attention to their costumers’ needs.

So in the end, user experience isn’t limited to web design, it translates to hardware and operating system needs too. And lately we’ve been having great examples, not only with Apple, but also with Google’s Android.