The Importance of Marketing and Advertising

I’ve always been mesmerized by the final product of a complete marketing campaign, basically because of the way a good ad can appeal to your feelings. Which is, after all, the main goal of the creators: appeal to your feelings and make you want what they sell, to the degree that you start feeling a need for the product.

Still, I’ve never been a huge expert on that. If you want an expert, you should read designer MarĂ­a Elena Franco’s blog. She’ll be writing about both design in general and it’s marketing application. Only problem is she writes only in spanish, but hey, I know many of you who read this blog also speak spanish so I don’t think I’m wasting space with this recommendation.

I’m sure she will tell me off about it, though, because she hates me calling her by her whole name instead of just Mori. We’re old friends.

I was moved, by the way, after watching the video on a conference she recently gave at UdeM (I know I mention UdeM a lot, but I studied there, so it’s only natural). She brought the concept of marketing to a very easy-to-understand perspective.

So, if you speak spanish, I’m sure you will appreciate this video:

As a plus, I leave you with a couple of listings of very impressive advertising. Some of them give you chills, I swear.