Get Mental Notes by Stephen Anderson

From my recent attendance to UIE Web App Masters Tour at Philly, I learned so much I was eager to hear more and practice a lot more than that.

One of the presentations that marked me the most was Stephen Anderson’s talk on building Seductive Applications and his deck of cards called the Mental Notes. It is a very interesting concept and I think user experience work in Mexico could advance a bit more with methodologies as practical as his. Here’s a brief insight on my behalf about the subject:

Each card contained in the deck explains a specific behaviour concept focused on engaging the user with a certain interaction. The main idea is to have access to all concepts during a brainstorming session and decide which ones are most suitable for the project at hand.

For example:

If you focus on the concept of Social Proof (contained by one of the cards), you’ll be meaning to use interactions that involve letting the user know about other user’s interests, familiar to his own, on the subject. A great example of it is the ‘Like’ functionality on Facebook. It lets the user know, through social proof, that other users like what he is seeing or reading.

Each card explains the concept, it’s type of influence, and the cards related to it. The system is pretty simple and, at the same time, original and practical. I truly admire Stephen’s work on this, and I recommend the adquisition of his deck to include in your user experience design plans.

I also recommend you follow Stephen on Twitter for further notice on his projects.