JQuery Plugin Project – FancyMe Alphabetical Tab Navigation

What can I say? I found this plugin-development to be a quite interesting hobby. Once I gave it a try, I couldn’t stop. And after making the tabbed navigation, I knew there was more I could do with it. So this next plugin was born.


The alphabetically-ordered tab navigation is something I’m quite proud of.

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JQuery Plugin Project – FancyMe Tab Navigation

Continuing with the plugin project, I bring to you a simple tab navigation. The result is as follows.


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JQuery Plugin Project – FancyMe Accordion

I’ve been working on this project for a while and I’m happy to finally be able to publish it. It’s a series of JQuery plugins with the peculiarity that they have several color themes than can be changed through a parameter in the function call, without having to touch the CSS.

The first one in the list is the Accordion Menu.


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Go Live! New version of my site!

Hi everyone! I’m back from the dead.

I had not posted in a while, I was so not happy with my last blog… and it took time to get it the way I wanted but here it is! Yes, it is still not finished but I wanted to get it out there nevertheless.

Some things still pending:

  • Responsiveness (media-queries are not ready, so they are not active, sorry)
  • Plugins section (I have to finish documentation of the ones I’ve got, so the section is currently inactive)

And I’ll keep improving this, of course, and adding content. But it’s off to a nice start!

UX Job Recruiting: What’s it about?

I just recently got myself involved with the whole recruiting process of my company and I must say it’s been a really interesting experience. Not something I’m very fond of doing, but something very interesting indeed. Even if I’m not really into the whole Human Resources area, there is a lot of value in how you select the people that enter your team.

My team is now growing slowly, but effectively I hope. And I wanted to share some of the strategies I put in practice for this purpose. A lot of it is new to me, too, so feel free to share your thoughts on it.

What you should look for in a prospect

I know it’s an obvious remark, but I still gotta say this: He/she must have a killer portfolio. It’s always an effective filter, since you can not just measure their work on quantity, but also on quality. Their way of thinking and organizing ideas is clearly visible not just in their past work, but also in the way they’ve put it together for a presentable portfolio. Getting a .ZIP file full of JPG images is very different from getting a PDF or a link to a personal website.

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When we ‘asume the user knows’

I’ll confess I’m an Amazon virgin. Why?

Now, don’t look at me like that. I know it’s weird, but I just enjoy bookstores too much. Nevertheless, when a book’s not there, it’s not there, and I decided I’d give Amazon a try.

Since I was a first-timer, after deciding to start the check out process, they asked for me to register, which is actually a very fast step. It’s fast… but it could be better, wouldn’t you agree? I just happened to encounter a tiny problem…

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The Pros and Cons of Responsive Web Design

As you probably read on the last post, I just recently finished reading Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte. And, in risk of repeating myself too much, I think it’s one of the best web design related books I’ve read so far. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read Ethan’s introductory article on the subject.

But, even though responsive web design seems like a very impressive approach, is it always the right solution to your task at hand?

We should remember that it’s never just about implementing the latest design trend there is. Before thinking about investing time, money and resources on responsive web design implementation, we must consider the following:

  • Does it align itself to our site’s objectives?
  • Do our users expect the exact same of the website when they visit it on mobile as when they do on their computers?
  • Do we have the resources to do it?
  • Do our time schedules allow it?

I’d like to review a couple of statements against and in favor of its use

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A Couple of Books You Should Read

Really, just because you haven’t heard of me, it doesn’t mean I’m floating around in some river. I swear. So don’t worry too much (though I appreciate it if you do). I’ve been up to my neck with stuff to do… and in need of some free time. But I’ve missed my blog for way too long.

Anyways, during those free periods of time I was able to finish reading a couple of very good books. I want to share brief reviews with you in hopes of convincing you of reading them yourself, since I can guarantee you they’ll be of great use if you are a web designer or developer.

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The Pros and Cons of Working with JQuery Mobile

I’ve been working with the mobile web (either designing or front-ending, I tend to do both) for almost four months now and I’ve learned a great deal in that time. One of the many things I’ve learned from has been the use of the JQuery Mobile framework for mobile web experience implementation.

As you can imagine, after almost three months of having used it, I can tell you a few pointers that will help you decide whether JQuery Mobile is what you’re looking for or not. As always, there’s no definite answer.

Let’s start with the good things

JQuery Mobile saves you a lot of time with positioning, responsiveness and visual details. Why?

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How to Design a Website Online

Nowadays, with the existing variety of online applications, many of our daily tasks can be handled without the need of a pre-installed software on the computer. But can an entire web design process be carried out without desktop applications?

It is not always easy to get access to the necessary or preferred software packages, so knowing what online alternatives are available can go a long way on the completion of everyday projects.

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